We were very happy that our last education-career we have created a few weeks ago was useful for many people, so we’ve decited to create four more careers for your Sims to play with!

Unlike the last time, every career for adult sims have two different branches that your Sims can choose, we have listet the branches above the career screenshots.

An important info: the careers are not active like the careers that came with the expansion-pack Get to Work!


Due to inattentive Sims a fire breaking out in your Sims households can have serious consequences! But instead of panicking and frantically running around in circles, it actually makes more sense to call the Firebrigade! It’s even more interesting, when you are the the fireman on the other end of the telephone line!

Branches: Firefighter, Emergency-Specialist
Simoleons (highest level) per day: 4212§/4329§

Hotel Employee:

If you want to work as a hotel employee, your primary goal should be to ensure your guests being happy. This requires that everything in the hotel is cleaned and neatly, the proper entertainment program is ready and of course and wishes of the guests become fulfilled. If you think you can cope with this demand, welcome in team!

Branches: Hotel-Manager, Hotel-Restaurant-Supervisor
Simoleons (highest level) per day: 3240§/3230§


The iridescent world of fashion is a gigantic area consisting of many different smaller parts. You have decided to become a stylist! Swing your beauty–case and blow the hair-dryer full–blast, the world definetly needs more powder!

Branches: Hairdresser, Make-Up-Artist
Simoleons (highest level) per day: 1404§/1341§

Private Tutoring (Only for Teenagers):

There are many Sims in school who have problems with homework and learning. You can use this lack of knowledge to teach other students after school privately to improve your pocket money!

Simoleons (highest level) per day: 190§

Download, Informations and Credits:

The four careers are translated into english and you just need the base game for using them. We want to say thank you to Neia, which was a big help for us. We also want to give thanks to MissHellfire1606 and SimFanJanPiet, which were a great help with the english translation, the italian translation was added by Greta Screti and the brazilian translation was added by tradusimsbr. XAYRO has created the awesome firefighter-screenshots! Sims Online gave us the authorisation to use their cool cat screenshot that we’ve used for the firefighter-career-screenshot.

Download – Firemen (SimFilesShare)
Download – Hotel-Employee (SimFilesShare)
Download – Stylist (SimFilesShare)
Download – Private Tutoring (SimFilesShare)

34 Kommentare

  1. There’s no text in all careers; I think it’s language issue, mods work fine in English but won’t show text in some other languages, eg. Polish. Waiting for a fix

  2. Hi!I think these mods are so cool!Can I translate it into Chinese and share it with people who really into SIMS?
    If possible ,please let me know.And I will note the original source:D

  3. Thanks so much for making this mod! Would there any way to add the „work from home“ option to the stylist career? It could just be the „change sim“ activity thats attached to the large closets, and your stylist sim could style sims all day for work, similar to the stylist career in sims 3 ambitions. Either way thanks for this mod!

  4. I love these careers!! Unfortunally they aren’t working with the latest patch, are you guys going to update? My game just isn’t the same without these careers

  5. i would love to use this mod however when it is time for my sim to go to work they wont, and if i click the go to work button nothing happens. im very sad cause i was looking forward to having some new careers to choose from

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