Soeben ist ein neues, 3GB großes Update erschienen, welches euer Spiel auf die nächste Woche erscheine Erweiterung „Hunde & Katzen“ vorbereitet. Unter anderem gibt es neue Dachformen- und Optionen, einen Verkleinerungscheat und einiges mehr.

Wenn ihr Mods im Spiel habt, müsst ihr diese in den Spieloptionen unter weiteres mit den Häkchen „Benutzerdefinierte Inhalte und Mods aktivieren“ und „Script-Mods erlauben“ wieder aktivieren. Aber Achtung: es kann sein, dass einige eurer Mods nach solch einem riesigen Update nicht mehr funktionieren werden, ihr solltet deswegen überprüfen, ob eure Mods vom Mod-Ersteller als „Unschädlich“ eingestuft wurden, und sie erst dann wieder in euer Spiel verschieben.

Neue Dachformen:

Nachdem die Entwickler schon vor einer ganzen Weile neue Dachformen gezeigt haben, wurden die vier Formen jetzt hinzugefügt: rund, vier- fünf- und achteckig. Zudem haben die Dächer neue Veränderungspunkte, mit denen ihr unter anderem „wellige“ Formen erstellen könnt.

Außerdem können sich die Baumeister unter euch über drei neue Dachleisten freuen, die jetzt im Baumodus bereit stehen:


Mit der Tastenkombination STRG und ß ist es im Baumodus jetzt ganz einfach möglich, Objekte zu verkleinern. Dies ist vorallem für große Teppiche oder Deko-Objekte sinnvoll.


Wenn ihr einen leistungsschwachen PC habt, solltet ihr euch die neue Sims-Limitierung, die ihr in den Optionen unter „Gameplay“ finden könnt, ansehen. Damit werden, falls sich zu viele Sims in der Spielwelt befinden sollten, ein paar eurer Sims gelöscht. In den Optionen könnt ihr jetzt aber auch ebenfalls sehen, wie viele Sims aktuell in eurer Spielwelt sind.

In der Weltenverwaltung könnt ihr jetzt auch wichtige Sims, die ihr nicht verlieren wollt, als Favoriten markieren, diese werden damit nicht gelöscht.


  • Wenn ihr ein neues Spiel startet, landet ihr ab sofort immer in der Weltenauswahl
  • Vampire und Aliens wurden in der Unterkategorie „Kreaturen“ zusammengefasst
  • Wenn ihr die Shift-Taste beim Platzieren von Objekten gedrückt haltet, könnt ihr mehre Objekte gleichzeitig platzieren
  • Das Fotografie-Feature mit Kameras ist jetzt für alle Spieler verfügbar!
  • Die Gitarre des Sensenmannes ist jetzt im Hauptmenü als Icon unter den Gratis-Packs ansehbar.


Wie mit fast jedem neuen Update wurden ebenfalls eine agnze Menge an kleineren und größeren Fehler, die sich in der letzen Zeit eingeschlichen haben, behoben (aktuell noch auf Englisch)

  • Now when hovering over the rotate options for blocks and walls in Build Mode, objects that will be impacted by the rotate will highlight yellow.
  • Teen Sims will now autonomously place their homework back into their inventory when finished.
    • Archetypal “Rebel” teens decry the modification, claiming cruelty to animals, “What’s my dog gonna eat now?!”
  • Homework that does end up in public spaces will be cleaned up after the active Sims have left the lot.
    • Canine Lot Service Dogs have responded with their own claims of animal cruelty, offering their criticism of the modifications, “Arooo, arf rrrr-ruff, aroo’grr.”
      • At time of publication, we are still waiting to hear back from the teens, but we can only expect things will not go well.
  • Children will no longer float while drinking the essence from a Cow Plant… because they are not allowed to do so.
    • If there is a top ten list of rules for Sims to live by, I’m going to add “allow my child to drink the essence of the dead” as one of those “don’t do that” items.
  • The Write Cookbook interaction will now always be available when reaching level 8 or higher in the Culinary Career.
  • Sims will once again receive a playful buff while taking a bubble bath.
  • We addressed an issue that could prevent Sims from spinning into outfits after purchasing from a retail mannequin.
  • The game clock should no longer skip forward and back when changing from 3x or ultra speeds back to speed 1.
    • The game clock will also no longer flutter, skitter, or scamper, dance, prance, carom, cavort, canter, or run… no, it will run.
  • Playing your old saves should no longer result in a mad rush for the restrooms.
    • “Where have you been, I’ve been stuck here for WHO KNOWS how long! Ok, you know what, just forget it… get out my way-it a minute, why are you deleting the toi… no no no no no, d’d’don’t do that… I’m sorry. Really, it was my fault, I should have gone before you left.”
  • Build Mode music should no longer indefinitely loop as a result of loading directly to Build Mode from the map screen.
  • Sims should no longer weed chess tables near their garden, when attempting to weed their garden.
  • Feminine framed male Sims with facial hair should no longer see chin distortions.
  • The cowplant is now safer! And by safer we mean, Grim will no longer fail to resurrect those eaten by the cowplant that were successfully pleaded, or flower bribed.
  • Deleting a household via the Manage Household dialog will no longer remove the option for a new family to move in to the lot and keep the old families furnishings.
    • I love that rug.
    • The entire family was last seen standing right there, on that rug, and then just *poof* they were gone, like they never even existed. It was really spoo…
    • Yea, but the rug.
  • The Angled Roof Trim now includes a red trim color, similar to the other roof trims.
  • Sims path will no longer be blocked by the Gathering of Garden Stones.
    • Looming high above the atoms upon which they stand, no longer shall the intrepid explorer of backyard rock gardens, stand frozen in fear, incapable of scaling the towering monument to Sim over nature!
  • The inspired child will no longer see all available interactions as Draw, but instead will see the appropriately titled actions of Draw Shapes, Draw Vehicle, and so on, and so forth.
  • ‘Sploit fix! Child and toddler Sims will no longer speed gain relationship with others in their toy playing relationship grind circles.
    • Yea, cheaters never win.
      • Btw, the modifyrelationship cheat still allows you to modify the relationships of Sims… cheater.
  • Non played adult Sims will no longer attempt to purchase child clothing, as it was preventing them from completing the checkout process.
    • Ok, so if you didn’t understand that purchase in Sims equates to wearing, you might think “this is a really odd fix”.
  • Childish Sims are once again able to Play in Puddles.
  • Angry Sims with appropriate mischief skill levels, and Evil or Mean child Sims can once again stomp on puddles.
  • Angry writers will no longer only have the option to Write Furiously when choosing to Write Genre Book.
  • Safety Seal Holiday Fireplace, Fiery Façade Fireplace, and Firewalkers Training Ground fireplaces now all provide environment scores.
  • Attempting to complete the Smash Dollhouse whim by smashing a dollhouse will now award satisfaction points upon said smashing.
  • Sims should now sit when attending a wedding…
    • Or rather, the majority of Sims should now sit when attending a wedding. We can’t hold up the proceedings if you create some ominous maze of doom in order to arrive…
    • or if you bring your starving friends past a grand buffet…
    • or if the bladder is just not going to wait…
    • But barring some great catastrophe, Sims should si… unless you just don’t like the groom.
  • The microphone will no longer lose all detail when a Sim chooses to use the microphone.
  • When learning that another Sim is a Regional Manager, you shall no longer learn they are a Business at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated, but instead, you will learn that they are a Regional Manager.
    • We however, didn’t fix the missing Oxford comma.
      • I was always told an admission of grammar omission a day, keeps the grammar police at bay.
  • Children born to a parent with the Beloved aspiration reward trait are now born with a parent-child relationship to that parent, rather than relationship unknown.
  • Planter boxes now have a burned state.
  • We fixed an issue where yfBottom_SP08Jeggings and ymBottom_SP08Jeggings were showing through the fyTop_BlouseCollarUp, yfTop_Ep02Blazer, fyTop_JacketTweedClassic, and ymTop_GP03Vest incorrectly.
  • The Load option from the Main Menu will no longer go missing after creating a household in a new save, and exiting the game before placing them on a lot.
  • The Ornate Victorian Roof Line will now properly place on Flat Round rooms.
  • The pizza delivery Sim will now leave after an appropriate amount of time after the delivered takes the delivery from the deliverer.
  • Toddlers can once again nap on chairs.
  • Lazy Sims can once again Nap Lazily upon Living Chairs.
    • Sensing a pattern here…
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Sims from planting their seeds.
  • The Contains New Items identifier for the Clutter category will now properly clear as expected.
  • Instructing a Sim to eat from their inventory, while they are seated with a glass of water, will no longer cause adult Sims to pop up and down, and child Sims to float.
  • Eat Leftovers and Put In Inventory will now have the correct text in Russian, rather than two versions of Eat Leftovers.
  • Attempting to continue the Microscope upgrade for Improve Lens Quality will no longer require „2 drink.“
    • Obviously lens quality decreases after 2 drink.
  • Moving lots and keeping your furnishings will no longer prevent you from live dragging food into the fridge once it has been replaced on the lot.
  • Sims not on their home lots will no longer disappear to the unknown after merging their household with another.
    • Wonder if this is related to the hole outside of Vlad’s house…
  • We have addressed some issues with the outfit combinations of festival goers, and have lessened the bizarre combinations.
  • Children in the family tree will now remember their parents, even if the parent is deleted. Which means, they will no longer be considered half-siblings to their brothers or sisters if they did indeed share the same two parents.
  • Using undo to change the age of a Sim from a toddler to another age will no longer cause the Swimwear and Athletic outfit types to disappear.
  • Relationship status will now properly reflect its current state without the need of traveling.
    • We’ve literally been talking for 8 hours.
      • Um, I’d remember something like that. See, my panel says we’re just acquaintances.
    • Ok fine, come with me to the park.
      • Whatever… fine, we’re at the park no… WE’RE MARRIED?!
  • Now if you are taking a selfie you will be holding a phone.
  • Sims with the Connections reward trait will now receive the lower level career rewards as expected, when joining a new career and getting a career level boost.
  • Troll teh Forums will no longer take a long time to cancel.
  • Addressed an issue with the walls of the Landgraab lot that were incorrectly set and were preventing the placement of other objects.
  • Socializing with your adopted child will now properly satisfy the Socialize with your child 10 times goal of the Big Happy Family aspiration.
  • Using the Salvage into Parts interaction will now salvage the salvage into parts as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing male Sims from receiving the Widower buff when their spouse dies.
  • Lot traits are now in alphabetical order.
  • Using the Set as Head cheat on an object, routing off lot, and then using the Reset Sim cheat will now properly clean up the duplicated object, rather than leave it in an unreachable location off lot.
    • That couch yours?
      • Yep, wore it on my head.
    • How about the hot tub?
      • Yep, headdress.
    • The end table?
      • Look, they are all mine, OK? The end table, the bookshelf, the treadmill, the DJ Booth, the guitar, all of them, OK?! I wore all of them on my head! Are you happy now?
    • The toilet too?
  • Downloading a lot from the Gallery will no longer cause wall placed items on half walls to sometimes be placed on the floor.
  • Social events such as Birthday, Wedding, Dinner, Costume, House parties, or Dates, can now be hosted on Generic Lots.
    • Of course, informing your fiancé that your wedding will be on “generic lot” may have other issues?
  • The Brazilian Portuguese Sims, Morgana and Silvana, shall no longer be known as Marcio and Siobhan.
  • On page one of the Lot Traits lesson under the Build Mode category, we have added a period at the end of the last sentence
  • When randomizing your female Sims jaw in Create a Sim, randomization will now choose from all Jaws… duunnn dunnn, duuuunnnn duun.
  • The science career interaction Tinker will now properly show a focused emotion interaction option when the Sim is focused.
  • The Killer Queen Double Bed now says, as well as gives, 4 Energy, rather than saying 1 and giving 4.
    • Turns out 4 energy is also dynamite with a laser beam.
  • The Square Confection, Campanulate, Photopollution, and Round Confection Ceiling Lights will now all fade appropriately when viewed in Live Mode.
  • We have added some more words to the profanity filter; among the words added are plum, plum, plum, and plum.

Get to Work

  • We have increased the chance of alien abduction, slightly.
  • Planted plants are no longer allowed to be put up for sale.
    • Unplanted plants are still good.
  • Baking skill gain is now boosted when inspired.
  • Placing a mannequin in a room will no longer trigger auto lights to turn on.
    • ‘Fraidy-catequins!
  • We have removed an odd shadow that appeared along the neckline of the Adult Male Mannequin – Abstract mannequin.
  • We addressed some issues that were causing retail employees to stop ringing up customers; employees should more consistently ring up customers now.
  • The Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler now states that it provides a Food Quality: 6.
  • Out of This World Desktop can now have its focused emotional aura disabled.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the cloning machine from properly functioning if it was upgraded prior to initiating an attempt to clone a Sim.
    • Sir, I’m terribly sorry, but you have tampered with the factory settings, the tag on the underside clearly states “A Clone Machine may not function or, through function, allow a Sim to operate said machines function. The Clone Machine must obey its purpose of cloning except where such attempts would conflict with the first law of non-function.”
    • And Sir, clearly the upgrade violated the Clone Machines primary function.
  • THE Front Desk now believes itself to be a desk.

Get Together

  • Radio music played at event lots will no longer continue to play when visiting that lot after the event ceases.

City Living

  • Repair-Sims will now stay up to 10 hours on your lot fixing your busted and broken.
  • The interaction to Scrap Unfinished Mix is now present on DJ Booth mix-tapes.
    • Mix tapes? Tape… tapes. Yea…
      • Do you put the tape in the phone booth before or after you set the clock on your newspaper?
  • Fixing a broken electric box while the power is out will now fix the broken electric box, rather than permanently leave you without power.
  • Solent Sink now properly gives (and states), Hygiene 4 and Reliability 5.
  • The Public Throne now provides Hygiene 3.
    • I’ve been to a public throne, I’ve never experienced this mythical “hygiene 3”.
  • Vendors will no longer leave a stall unattended when joining in on group activities, but will instead close their stall before joining.
  • The In the Know reward trait discount, from the City Native aspiration, is now properly applied to all festival swag including festival t-shirts.
  • A Sims age information in their hover-tip will no longer disappear after interacting with an object socially.
    • Your birthday? I, uh… hold still, I can’t… mouse over… wait a minute, have you been talking to the toilet again?!
  • Cancelling a Practice Singing interaction will now also cancel the audio.
  • Cream color for the yfTop_EP03JacketTie will now properly apply the cream, and not pink, version of the top.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause festivals to overlap one another due to the previous festival not properly cleaning itself up.
    • Welcome to the Romantic Spicy Hijinks-a-Con!
  • Sims‘ career outfits are no longer permanently altered when buying a Festival T-Shirt. However, this may still be an issue with the Curry Challenge tee.
  • Yum Cooker will no longer revert to the yellow swatch color when it gets dirty, but remain the color initially chosen by you.
  • Sims with the Instant Upgrade interaction, can now instant upgrade the garbage chute.
    • Yes Ludo, we know, “Smell bad.”
  • Toddlers can now talk to a Sim painting a mural, but are no longer allowed to Kick Off the Sim from the mural.
    • What’s that lil’ Timmy? The puppy fell down the well? Dinner’s ready? You want to play ball? It’s bedtime? Want to roughhouse? You need help up the stairs? Your mother is talking with the repair man?
      • No! Get off mural, my turn!
  • The ceilings of some apartments were inconsistently painted. We’ve gone in and touched them up to appear consistently painted.
    • Of course, you can see the ceiling if you zoom in close with the walls up, and then tilt the camera up!
    • Um… you can… tilt the camera up if you are in Sims 3 camera mode!
    • Yea, so… you can change to Sims 3 camera mode by… opening the options panel and switching to the game camera tab!
    • Ok? Great!
      • It’s the option called The Sims 3 Camera… put a check mark there.
      • Walls up? Oh…
  • Sims living in apartments can now initiate the jog action and expect that their Sim will start jogging.
    • I often initiate the jog interaction, and then immediately allow myself to route fail on the couch.
      • Working as intended.
  • Giving another Sim your apartment key will no longer cause social events without goals to spontaneously occur.
    • You aren’t participating in the event?
      • What event?
    • Um, the event everyone else is focused on.
      • I don’t see..
    • I understand. I’m going to need you to come with me, just some questions.
  • The Location aspiration is now properly sorted in its location within the Live Mode Aspirations location… alphabetically.
  • Played, but inactive households, will no longer moonlight as buskers.
  • Sleeping Sims should no longer sink into the ground when directed to Dream Big on a basketball hoop.
  • Sims will no longer fly away with a spin when choosing to Dream Big from a seated position.
    • You get the feeling that “dream big” was misinterpreted by engineering?
  • Festival T-Shirts can now be found under Tops -> T-Shirts in Create a Sim.
    • You can also find undershirts under tops…
      • And stomachs… stomachs are usually under tops.
        • Also belly buttons.
          • Sometimes arms and shoulders…
            • …though if arms, it’s most likely shoulders too.
  • Sims in City Life careers now receive promotion raises when achieving levels greater than the listed maximum level.
  • Right AND left handed Sims can now hold a sparkler when given one.
    • Equal hands for all.
  • Birds will no longer fly through the Jasmine Suite Apartments.
    • The building is on lockdown… the birds are held at bay, but for how long? Prepare yourself, Judgement is Coming!
      • …this November, rated G by the motion picture association of Sims.
  • Romance festival harvestable flowers are now properly named. Lily flowers are no longer called snapdragons, but now lilies. And dragonfruit are no longer called lilies, but now snapdragons.
  • Mannequin heads should no longer distort when wearing the various hats found in City Living!
  • Paint Mural interaction will now stay in queue until the action completes or the player cancels it, and will no longer remove itself from the queue but continue to play the action, preventing the player from cancelling.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in object ownership issues when moving objects out of the household inventory onto a new lot after moving or merging in with a new family.
    • In this case, the ownership of the object determined whether or not the player was allowed to move the object out of the inventory. The game thought the active household did not own the objects, and thus prevented the player from using them.

Outdoor Retreat

  • When selecting to play a Sim that is currently on a vacation lot, you will no longer load into their home lot.

Dine Out

  • We closed a hole in the world near the end of a sidewalk outside of Vlad’s home.
    • In other news, farmer Merrel has accused Vlad of pumpkin sabotage.


  • Babies will no longer become invisible in a mirror when picked up by a vampire.
    • Floating babies are adorable.

Movie Hangout

  • Child Sims will no longer stretch when watching TV without any available chairs.

Romantic Garden

  • The Sette from the Park Place bench and Marbleized Chesterfield bench now count as benches when creating a venue that requires a bench.

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